Jacksonville NSCF Chapter


Welcome to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation

Jacksonville Chapter

We do our part to fulfill the Navy Supply Corps Foundation’s mission and vision by supporting the military members and veterans who served in the Navy Supply Corps.  Our services include supporting their families and our local community to build esprit de corps through civic volunteering and involvement.  

Our programs promote responsible citizenship and values via social engagement, education, volunteer work, and more.  We take an active role in helping military members transition to civilian life; providing aid to families in times of crisis; recognizing individual leadership and achievement; and ensuring the spouses and children of our members have opportunities to earn scholarships for higher education. 


Scenic view of the Jacksonville, FL, skyline.

On the lighter side, we celebrate our heritage and camaraderie through organized events such picnics, the annual Navy Supply Corps Birthday Ball, and more.  We ensure our social events reflect great credit upon the Navy Supply Corps Foundation and are in keeping with the traditions and community values expected of the heritage we support.

We appreciate your support for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF), and we welcome you to review our local NSCF Chapter activities here on our website.

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